Month: October 2017

Lavender Essential Oil Body Lotion

This Homemade Lavender Essential Oils Body Lotion is perfect after a stressful day at work, or smoothing on baby to help relax them and maybe sleep better! Lavender is known for its’ relaxing properties, and it’s especially popular in bath and body products. but why spend a small fortune at the store when you can just

Essential Oil Gift Ideas

I love making personalized gifts with essential oils, such as gift baskets, soaps, lotions and more. That got me thinking that maybe I should share some of my favorite essential oil gift ideas with my fans. I know I would love any of these if someone gave them to me! You can never have too many essential oils

Lavender Essential Oil Hot Chocolate

If you love adding essential oils to your water and tea, then you’ll no doubt love this Lavender Essential Oil Hot Chocolate recipe, too! See how to make this Lavender Hot Cocoa below … At the point when the climate is nippy, one thing I love to do is make custom made hot chocolate. None of that packet powdered fake